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Write and record the songs of tomorrow... 

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DAWter is a music education business, based in Townsville, Australia, that aims to empower musicians with the skills they need to write and record the songs of tomorrow.

Hi I'm Elise!

I am a performer, songwriter and music producer and I make music under the name How to Stare at Ceilings. I've been obsessed with music for about 15 years and I want to help YOU become and original recording artist!

​When I started making music, I was a die-hard perfectionist. I struggled for years to write and record my songs, and I understand just how tough that journey can be.

​Whether it's coming up with ideas, finishing songs, understanding how to program beats, or just shutting up that voice in your head that says you're not good enough... Relax. Take a breath. I've got you.

I started DAWter because I want to help songwriters and music producers like you, get access to simple and effective techniques that I now use to make music on a daily basis.

​I am in the process of putting together some valuable resources to help you on your music journey. In the meantime, you can find loads of free tips and tutorials on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram.

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Let's keep in touch!

Elise xo

SONGwriting and mental health

Did you know that songwriting has many positive effects on mental health?

Calms the nervous system 

The creative flow state, which is the feeling you get when you are absorbed in something creative - has a similar effect on the brain to meditation. It calms the nervous system, focuses the mind and released dopamine. This is especially beneficial for people with depression and anxiety.  

Encourages self expression

Lyric writing is an outlet for a person to talk about their thoughts and experiences, when they may otherwise find these things difficult to express. Writing has been proven to help people to process trauma and manage negative emotions in a productive way.


I have struggled with mental health issues for over 10 years on and off and I truly believe that music has helped with that SO much. Just being able to express my personal struggles and put them out there on paper is so freeing for me. 

- Tiffany

Songwriting has helped my mental health and provides escapism from full time office work!! It has helped me heal from an awful year and painful breakup. It gives me hope they I will release a single and EP sometime!! 

- Haylee

Creating music has always been southing and calming for me. It's like a form of meditation, getting lost in the sound and synthesis. 

It's unlike any other experience I can think of.

- Lincoln

When I was suffering with depression  and anxiety I found that writing lyrics and songs allowed me to process how I was feeling. 

The ability to make something worthwhile out of adversity is transformative. 

- Kelly


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