Could Songwriting help you manage your mental health? 

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Katie Wellenberg

Whether you are a beginning songwriter or have been writing for years, this course is amazing! 


Elise has a way of simplifying concepts and guiding you in easy digestible steps. I feel extra motivated and equipped to write my next power songs now!

In this course you will get:

Comprehensive 7-module online course


This course will guide through all the steps from coming up with your first ideas, to writing your own original songs.

47 beautiful video lessons


Follow along with me for each step of your journey.

Downloadable worksheets


Every lesson has it's own worksheet that will help you keep track of everything you've learned, and save you time taking notes!

Specifically designed content


This course is designed to take into account different learning styles, so you can see, listen and do - as you progress through the modules. 

Hi, I'm Elise Cabret

I am an Australian singer-songwriter and I help songwriters break through their creative blocks to write and record the songs of tomorrow. 

The Song Prescription is my online course that has been specifically designed to use the power of songwriting to help people navigate their mental health. 

This course will give you a direct roadmap for expressing yourself through music, guiding you through getting those first ideas onto the page, all the way to creative finished songs you can share with other people. 

With this course, you will work through any self doubts and perfectionism, and discover the creative voice you've had inside you all along. 

Happy songwriting!

Elise xx

What previous students have to say about The Song Prescription

Elise's course helps break down songwriting into really clear and easily do-able chunks. She shows you how to tap into your creativity in new ways without letting your inner critic get in the way. 


This has given me a whole new approach to songwriting.  I used to just try and catch stuff when it was there and then be too scared to change it.  Now I've got a process to be able to go back and rework those average demo's.

Dylan Lachmund

This course shows that songwriting is more than just writing great songs. It shows that songwriting is a HEALING tool for yourself that lets you (if you wish to do so) share your stories with others in order to help them too. 

Alise Koa

DAWter has provided a very comprehensive and engaging course for any upcoming songwriters that helps them to push past mental barriers, learn the basics and to instil confidence in one’s abilities as a songwriter.

Paul Wyer

47 video lessons with Elise
Proven step-by-step process
Beginners welcome
Easy downloadable worksheets
Learn a life long skill
Limited time offer

Normally $497 USD, right now just $97!